Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Sophie arrived!

So, it's been a busy week with the arrival of Sophie and the past few days of phototherapy. I am finally feeling like I am getting into the groove of newborn motherhood again so I decided to get a little caught up on my over 200 unread emails for each account, hundreds of comments, messages and such on facebook, myspace, etc. and so on and so on. ;) So here's how Monday, April 13th went down. I am stealing most of this story from one I already posted for my Nesties to read while I was in the hospital since the details were still fresh in my mind when I posted that!

So, I went and had my sono and then went to the OB. The sono showed Sophie to be head down but not dropped yet and weighing in around 7 lbs 13 ozs. My OB said I was dilated a "smidge" and wouldn't even say a 1. He stated he really needed me to start having contractions to get everything started. Since it didn't look positive, he had them schedule a regular weekly appointment for next Monday which would have been tomorrow. He said if I made it to next Monday we would most likely induce on Tuesday. So, Nathan and I went to lunch and then visited my work to tell them I would not be coming back this week...although we really went up there because I left my camera attached to my work computer. We then went to Super Target (only my favorite store ever) and picked up some last minute baby things and then headed to Best Buy to find a size D battery charger for Sophie's Li'l Lamb swing. We then picked up my son from his dad's house and headed home. This brings us home between 4:15-4:30 and by 4:45 I was starting to feel sligt cramps and uncomfortable. Since it didn't look like we had any progress I didn't hink much of it at first but Nathan of course freaked out and got all dressed with his shoes and everything on. I told him I should probably just drink some fluid and lay down to see if the cramps went away since it could be braxton hicks. You see I don't get braxton hicks and never felt the contractions with my son. I was induced with Jayden when I was already at a 4 and accepted an epidural when I was at a 6 so I never knew what contractions really felt like. But his concern got me a little worried so around 5:15 I finally conceded and we headed to the hospital with my son since I didn't really think much of it and didn't think I would get admitted.
On the way there I realized it was definitely contractions going about 2-3 minutes apart. I was a little confused since my appts this morning showed the baby still too high up and my OB stating I was dilated only a 'smidge' not even a real 1. I assume my OB must have done something while doing my internal exam to get things kick started. The triage checks me in and states I am at a 2, but they will wait it out as it's very likely my ob will have me sent home for only a 2. So, I continued on with every 2 minute contractions coping just fine since my son is sitting there watching me. An hour goes by and I can feel the pain getting worse so I ask my H to call my son's dad about picking him up from the hospital. Another 45 minutes pass and finally my son's dad is at the hospital to pick him up. Nathan walks him out and while he's gone, a triage nurse finall comes in to check on me. She sees me in pain having a contraction and all of the last few on the monitor. She calls back to the desk where a few nurses are and states, this one will be admitted for sure. I hear one of them yell back, check her anyway. So she checks me and I am at a 5 and completely thinned out. She states they will be moving me up to a room and asks if I want an epidural. Hell yeah I want one! I am in major pain and I can only imagine it will get worse and who knows how long my labor can last. So, she leaves and in comes my H who missed it all so I fill him in on the details. Another 20-30 minutes pass and she brings in a needle to get me ready for an IV. I tell her I am in extreme pain and ask about when I will get my epi. She states they have to move me up to my room and after I get 500 ccs?!? of IV fluid in me, they will call the anethesiologist (sp?). So I get pushed around the hospital from my triage bed into a L&D room. I ask if I can go to the bathroom before I move to the new bed because it really felt like I needed to urinate. She said as long I did it quickly and that I didn't think I was going to have the baby in the toilet in a kinda questioning manner. I agree and after my contraction get up and move to the bathroom. I sit there for a minute and nothing so I ask my H to start the sink water so I can get to going but I cannot relax my muscles down there enough to go so I give up. If I piss myself, I piss myself I thought. lol I lay down on the bed and immediately start having a severe contraction. This one was bad and I kinda grunt leaving the nurses to ask if I felt like I needed to push. I tell them no. And then a couple minutges later another one but worse and this time for sure I felt the need to push so I do. My amniotic sac busts open and gushes out which was nice and warm...kinda like I literally pissed myself. And then I tell them, I have to push, I have to. They look down and see meconium and freak out telling me not to push, to hold off until they could get a specilaized team and a Dr. in there. They needed the nurses to be prepared to suction the baby very well to clear any meconium she may have swallowed. I could barely hold back and pushed a little here and there, but once I heard the on call Dr. come in I yelled, I can't hold it anymore I'm going to push. He get all suited up and came over and had me push one time...out came her head. And then he had me calm my breathing down and do it one more time. And out came Sophie screaming/crying her lungs out. They let Nathan cut the cord and whisked her away to clear out all of her passage ways while he worked on getting the placenta out and then repairing my tear. So...I had my li'l stinker with no meds today totally unexpected since my appt this morning showed no sign of hope that she would be here this soon. I am so happy she is here and healthy. She was born at 8:12 PM and measured in at 7 lbs 15.8 oz so they called her 8 lbs even and 21 inches long. She looks exactly like her daddy now that we can see her in the flesh.

So, here's a link to her hospital pictures. I bought the cd with these pictures so I hope to get that in the mail soon so I can post them online on my own sites. =) I will surely post more pictures soon enough when I find chances here and there to get them uploaded to the computer and the hosted online.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

39 week appt

Here's a couple pics of my massive tummy I had Nathan take last night. The baby bump is out of control!
Yes, I am still pregnant. No, I have not even begun to dilate but he did state today that I have really started to thin out (efface) yet he gave no real percentage. My OB also stated that I have scar tissue from my last surgery and that could prevent me from dilating until I am in real labor. He also stated that she still hasn't really dropped and asked when my son dropped. Well, since my son didn't drop until I was in full labor, he assumes she will probably do the same thing. Great...because all of that pressure in just 2-3 hours was so much fun the first time around. lol But since my due date is Sunday, he scheduled a sono for me Monday morning. After the sono I see him again and he said we shall discuss possibly inducing next week. Thank G-d!