Monday, March 16, 2009

36 Weeks & Showers

Yay! I am 36 weeks along and completely mentally and physically ready for Sophie to show up whenever she is ready. Of course, I hope she doesn't try to stay in there too far past her expected date. This past weekend was great! My work threw me a baby shower on Friday afternoon and my sister in law, Amanda, threw me a shower at her house on Saturday afternoon. Here are some pictures from both showers. And Jessica will be induced this coming Friday so we took a 'bump off' picture to compare our baby bumps. I guess my Sophie is living the posh life in her giant condo!
We have every single thing we need and lots of cute things to fill the 'wants' list as well. ;)

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Soon-to-be Mommy and Daddy!! said...

Looks like you and Sophie got lots of cute things!! Congrats, can't wait to finally see her!!