Thursday, June 25, 2009

Updates Anyone

Geez...I am bad about this whole blog thing. So Sophie is a big, big girl! At her 2 month appointment she weighted in at 12 lbs, 12 oz and she was 24 inches long. She's my li'l chunker and I couldn't be happier with that since she's still breastfeeding. I'd say she has breastmilk around 90-95% of the time and every once in a while she has a bottle of formula. She's still smiling, giggling, cooing/talking and now screeching all of the time and she even holds her head up by herself the majority of the time. She's so strong. We as a family have passed some type of cold around to each other and unfortunately Sophie was congested from it as well. But other than that, everything has been perfect. So here are some pics and hopefully I can even upload a video or two.

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Chris and Abby Stuart said...

I love the first picture...its like she saying "whats up?" I can't believe how big she is already...and so cute!!!