Friday, October 3, 2008

Aiden has arrived!

My brother, Andy, and his wife, Amanda, had their baby early this morning. We got home a little while ago from visiting them. That little stinker took a dump while I was holding him and apparently it was his 6th one since he was born at 4:47 am. CRAZY! Jayden only went once in the hospital when he was born.
He was 7 lbs 15 oz & 19 in long. Here is my new nephew!


Blankenship Babbles said...

Ahhhh he's a cutie...I saw you post on Leah's blog...Congrats by the way on your new one on the way...and the love marks from the first are gorgeous (btw, what online board are you on...I'm on FF)...I have some too, just think if we didn't have them we wouldn't have are precious babies :) I'll be keeping up with you!!!


Chris and Abby Stuart said...

Yay, I'm so excited for you two and I'm so excited you created a blog page and joined the blog world!! I can't wait to see baby Betty\Nathan! I hope all goes well with your pregnancy. I had some bleeding problems too, but everything turned out just dandy. And you should see my belly, its a token of our greatest accomplishments.=)

Chris and Abby Stuart said...

Yes you should update your page! I keep checking for an update! It takes a little getting used to...but it gets easier and just as addicting as myspace. I have made some wonderful friends on here! I'm glad we have a way to keep in touch now! Congrats again!