Monday, May 11, 2009

4 weeks young

Sophie is 4 weeks of age tonight. The poor li'l princess has thrush and it has spread to mommy's milk ducts so we are sharing the pain together. She also has some baby acne but none of that has stopped her from being a smiley bear. We love how she follows us by turning her head and watching us walk around the room. And we definitely love how she smiles reacting to our different tones and emotions. I love the sounds she makes in her sleep and when she's awake and alert. I am definitely sad that I only have 2 more weeks to spend with her at home before I return to work. I am not ready to leave her yet but we have yet to win the lotto...or play for that matter. ;) Here are some pics of Sophie showing off her thrush and baby acne and still looking cute!

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