Thursday, September 17, 2009

5 Months

Our big girl had the luxury of wearing 12-18 months jeans this past weekend. She's really stretching out making her look less chubby. We love our li'l chunker so very much! I am desperately trying to wean her from nursing so i can start my diamox to relive the intracranial pressure I have. I was diagnosed with pseudotumro cerebri so I really need to start working on my health issues for both Sophie and me. Hopefully by the end of this month, I will have really slowed milk production down and it will be less painful to quit. I tried it cold turkey earlier this week but it was no fun for either of us.
We also started Sophie on cereal last week and she has been doing really well with her 'dinner'. We'll probably start her with 2 feedings of cereal a day next week or so.

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