Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting ready for the baby

So, I ordered quite a few things for the baby, baby's room, etc. last week and they are all starting to arrive. I received my new Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag yesterday and am VERY pleased with how cute it is. I was hesitant to spend that kind of money but they come highly recommended and Miranda filled me in on their Outlet site so I got a great deal. Next up is Sophie's baby bedding. I ordered it from and it is the Elephant Stitches in pink/brown by Carters. I have a hard time buying pink things as I am not a fan of anything in the red family, but I absolutely fell in love with this bedding and made it a must have. I only ordered the bedding and mobile, but I may purchase the accessories later on. It should be arriving up at my office sometime this afternoon...hopefully. And then we ordered our crib, dresser, mattress, swing and glider and ottoman online through I believe all of those pieces should be arriving to our local Walmart for pick up by this weekend or mid-week next week. So we will be busy reorganizing the 3rd bedroom getting ready to make it a nursery. Yay!


Chris and Abby Stuart said...

I love love love this bedding stuff! It reminds me of Keaganbear's. Her room is done in the same color scheme. =) And on her face....we gave her her first donut. =) Actually, all of that was from ONE choclate donut hole. Can you believe they are that messy?????

HMitch said...

Hey Girl. I love the bedding and furniture. Its too cute. Why are you buying all this stuff for your self? You need to have a shower!