Thursday, February 12, 2009

Newborn picture sites

So this post is really more of a journal like entry for myself so I can find local photographers that I have fallen in love with their work. There are a few local ones that I love, but am not loving the price so am still in debate with myself on whether we will spend the money on newborn portraits or just take some myself.
If you have a moment, check out this blog link to a newborn related to the photographer. I am absolutely in love with these pictures.

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vanessa aleji said...

Hey girlie, I'm not the best photographer in the world, but I'm willing to do some "test shots" for you guys when the time comes. I'm decent at editing, and I'm patient as all get out, so I'm more than willing to come see y'all and snap away. The kids can play while we practice if you want. I just bought myself a new camera, and I'm dying to play with it. Let me know! Love you and can't wait to meet this little princess.